History of Caius Boat Club 1827-1927

We are fortunate to have the first hundred years of the History of the Boat Club recorded[…]

History 1995-2000

1995-96 Despite a poor performance in the Mays and Henley, this year could not be described as[…]

History 1990-1995

1990-91 As last year, the rowing season has seen mixed fortunes enjoyed by the crews of Caius[…]

History 1985-1990

1985-86 Captain S.A. Kirkpatrick Honorary Secretary G.C.R. Budden Vice Captain R.M. Payn Captain of Lower Boats A.G.[…]

History 1980-1985

1979-80  Captain: A.N. Williams Secretary: W. J. Robinson Vice Captain: I.I. Nissenbaum This last year the College[…]

History 1975-1980

1975-76 Captain: P.C. English Hon. Secretary: W.S.H. Laidlaw Hon. Vice Captain: O.H.C. Stobbs The Boat Club in[…]

History 1970-1975

Officers for 1970-1 Captain M. J. Adams Secretary C. F. Prime 1970-1 1971-2 1972-3 Captain J. T.[…]

History 1965-1970

Officers for 1965-6 Captain J. E. J. Goad Secretary D. P. Burgess Second Boat Captain J. D.[…]

History 1960-1965

Lents 1960 The beginning of the Lent Term showed a further reduction in the number of people[…]

History 1955-1960

Lents 1955 The hopes that we had as a result of the Fairbairns were rather disappointed in[…]