May Bumps 2023

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Final Position
M1Rowed over at HeadRowed over at HeadRowed over at HeadRowed over at HeadHeadship
W1Bumped NewnhamRowed over at HeadRowed over at HeadBumped by Jesus2nd
M2Bumped Trinity HallBumped Christ’s,
Rowed over
Rowed overRowed over,
Bumped Hughes Hall
W2Bumped by WolfsonBumped by Corpus ChristiBumped by Pembroke IIBumped by Robinson16th in Div 2
M3Bumped Hughes Hall IIRowed overRowed overBumped by King’s II17th in Div 3
W3Bumped Jesus IIIBumped Lucy Cavendish IIBumped Murray Edwards IIBumped Pembroke III12th in Div 3
M4Bumped Magdalene IVBumped Clare IVRowed overBumped Christ’s III3rd in Div 5
W4Rowed overRowed overBumped by First and Third IIBumped by Vet School14th in Div 4

Lent Bumps 2023

Day 3 was cancelled due to high stream. Only Divisions 1 and 2 raced on Day 4.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Final Position
M1Rowed overRowed overRowed over2nd
W1Rowed overBumped by Lady MargaretRowed over6th
M2Bumped ChurchillBumped SelwynBumped Fitzwilliam,
Bumped Christ’s
W2Bumped by WolfsonRowed over14th in Div 3
M3Bumped by Emmanuel IIIRowed over16th in Div 3
W3Bumped Magdalene IIBumped Clare Hall12th in Div 3

Other Race Results

Newnham Head – 3rd Feb 2024

Women’s Lents 1st Div – W1 (2nd)
Men’s Lents 2nd Div – M2 (8th)
Women’s Lents 2nd Div – W2 (10th)
Women’s Lents Lower – W3 (15th

Winter Head to Head – 23rd Jan 2024

Open 8s Band 1 – M2 (11th)
Open 8s Band 4 – M3 (10th)

The Fairbairn Cup – 30th Nov to 1st Dec 2023

Senior Men 1st VIII – M1 (1st)
Senior Women 1st VIII – W1 (6th)
Senior Men 2nd VIII – M2 (1st)
Senior Women 2nd VIII – W2 (6th)
Novice Men 1st VIII – NM1 (4th)
Novice Women 1st VIII – NW1 (5th)
Novice Women 2nd VIII – NW2 (7th)
Novice Men 2nd VIII – NM2 (10th)

Clare Novice Regatta – 26th Nov 2023

NW1: 2nd – Girton (W), St Edmund’s (W), Lady Margaret (W), Selwyn (W), Jesus (L)
NM1: 9th-16th – Magdalene (L)
NW2: 3rd-4th – Magdalene II (W), Wolfson II (L)

Emma Sprints – 19th Nov 2023

NW1: 4th – Newnham (W), Lady Margaret (W), Wolfson (L), Jesus (L)
NM1: 5th-8th – Trinity Hall (W), Pembroke (L)

Cambridge Winter Head – 11th Nov 2023

Stu First M8+ – M1 (3rd)
Stu First W8+ – W1 (6th)
Stu Lower W8+ – W2 (4th)
Stu Lower M4+ – M2 (2nd)

Queens’ Ergs – 5th Nov 2023

NW1: 3rd
NM1: 6th
NW2: 3rd fastest NW2
NM2: 7th in heat

University IVs – 24th to 26th Oct 2023

M1: 3rd-4th – Girton (W), Magdalene (L)
W1: 9th-12th – Selwyn (L)
M2: 5th-8th – Lady Margaret II (L)
W2: 3rd-4th – Selwyn II (W), Jesus II (L)

Rob Roy Autumn Head – 14th Oct 2023

W.Coll1.8+ – W1 (4th), W2 (6th)

Rob Roy Small Boats Head – 7th Oct 2023

W.Nov.1x – O. Conway (2nd)