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Officers for 1965-6
Captain J. E. J. Goad
Secretary D. P. Burgess
Second Boat Captain J. D. K. Hurford

There was a marked increase in enthusiasm by members of the boat club during the course of the year and this has resulted in more activity and better results. In the Fairbairn Cup held during the Michaelmas Term the First Boat were deprived of the just reward of their efforts when, through the slowness of the crew in front, they were held up in the Gut and prevented from finishing the course [insert contemporary report here]. The Second Boat comprised of novices entered into an event for such crews organised by Clare. No crews were entered for either the Light or Clinker Fours. The First Lent Boat made three bumps and regained its position in the first division of the Lent Races (rowed over, then bumped Jesus II on the first day, rowed over, bumped Peterhouse and LMBC II, finished 14th). The Second (bumped by Downing III, Jesus IV, Pembroke III then rowed over, finished 42nd) and Third boats (bumped by Churchill V, rowed over, bumped by Peterhouse III, overbumped by Sidney III, finished Head of the Fifth division, 65th) comprised mainly of novices and junior oarsman were not so successful and dropped places in these races.

The First Eight entered for the Bedford Head, doing quite well and also a week later in the Reading University Head of the River Races where they put up a competent performance.

Hopes were high that the May boats, particularly the First Boat, would do well, but two members who had rowed in the First Boat in the Michaelmas and Lent terms decided that they could not continue rowing seriously owing to pressure of work and places were taken by two members of the Second Boat. Nevertheless the First Boat did make one bump (on Peterhouse at the Railings on the third night) and finished fifth (? sixth) in the Second Division (22nd). The Second Boat which had suffered from defections and by the calls of the First Boat astonished everyone including themselves by making three bumps (rowed over then bumped LMBC V, Peterhouse II and Christ’s III). The Third Boat made two and the Fourth and Fifth Boats both made bumps and were bumped. A great deal for credit for what success the Boat Club has achieved is due to Jeremy Goad, the Captain, and to an American newcomer from Philadelphia, John Lehman, who has stroked the boat with great determination. It augurs well for next year that he has been elected Captain of Boats. A Four ,entered in the Visitors Cup at Henley, was defeated in the eliminating races.
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Officers for 1966-7
Captain J. F. Lehman
Secretary R. C. Holman

This year has been the most successful for at least a decade, the inspired and inspiring Captaincy of John Lehman, a magnificent response from freshmen, and tremendous enthusiasm throughout the club being the essential ingredients.

It was decided not to enter the Fairbairn Cup, and the whole term was spent in small boats and doing weight-training, J. F. Lehman and J. W. Clark-Lowes won one round of the Colquhoun and Bushe-Fox Sculls respectively, and the latter won the Emmanuel Regatta Sculls, while the former came forth in the Head of the Cam Sculling.

In the Lent Term the first two eights had races against Southampton University (lost), Keble (won) and the City R.C. (won). In the Bumps the First Eight rose four places to 10th in the First Division, thus gaining its oars for the first time since 1954 (bumped Downing at Ditton, Trinity Hall before First Post, Selwyn on First Post and Christ’s just before the Railings).

The Second Eight under the handicap of virtually no coaching went down three places, while the 3rd defied being sandwich boat, a broken oar and then a broken rudder, to rise three places. The first two eights went to the Bedford Head coming 10th and 42nd, and then to be to the Putney Head, coming 27th and 193rd, which was a most rewarding conclusion to the term.

In the Easter term there were races against Monkton Combe School (won) and Bedford (lost). In the Head of the Cam the First Eight rowed in Fours and came fifth and seventh in that section. In the eights the second came 42nd and the third 65th. At the Evesham Regatta the First reached the final of the Eights, a feat repeated by a Four of the Second at the Cambridge Regatta. In the May races the first Eight went up three and would have gone up four had not Kings bumped Jesus II a split second before they were hit by the First (bumped 1st & 3rd II at Glasshouses, Pembroke II at First Post, rowed over, bumped Jesus II at First Post, finished 19th). The second rose four places, the third went down two, The Fourth up five, the Fifth up one and the Sixth up one. The First Eight and the stern Four of the Second went to the Amsterdam Regatta were they acquitted themselves well against strong international competition, and then returned to Henley, where most disappointingly both crews were beaten in preliminaries. This should not however detract from the overall success of the year, and prospects for next year are excellent with over half of the first two eights still here.

Officers for 1967-8
Captain A. G. D. Duckworth
Hon Secretary H. J. Elliot

This year has seen the fastest Caius First May boat for many years, although, sadly, this standard was not achieved throughout the Club. The basis for this success was the veteran oarsmen from last year’s First and Second boats and the leadership of Anton Duckworth, fresh from a win with the Vesper Intermediate crew in the USA National Championships.

It was again decided not to into the Fairbairn Cup and the Michaelmas Term was spent in small boats and in weight training. A Light Four was entered in the University Fours, but was beaten in the first round. The Clinker Four fought its way to the semi-final of the event before succumbing to the eventual winners. H.J. Elliot won one round of the Colquhoun Sculls and finished 33rd out of 122 entries in the Head of the Cam Sculls. J. R. Warner won the novices Sculls division in the Emmanuel Regatta and in the same Regatta J. W. Clark-Lowes and H. J. Elliot were beaten in the final of the Double Sculls.

The Lent Term continued this run of success. In the Lents all boats improved their positions on the river. The first boat rose one place (bumped Emmanuel in the Reach on the third day), the second boat rose three places and the third boat rose two places. The first two Eights went to Bedford and Putney Heads; finishing 10th and 45th at Bedford and 56th and 215th at Putney. This was a very good end to the term.

In the May Term the First and Second boats competed in the Head of the Cam and finished seventh and 42nd; the first boat also reach the final of the Junior-Senior Eights at Cambridge Regatta and the second boat won one round there. The Mays were a little disappointing. Although the first boat won its oars (for the first time in 15 years), and regained its position in the first division, all the other boats went down. Prospects for next year are excellent, with four members of the May boat still in residence as well as two members of the club who only narrowly missed selection.

Officers for 1968-9
Captain J. W. Clark-Lowes
Secretary C. R. Hayton


The first boat did extremely well, making four bumps in the first division of the recent May races and finishing 11th, the highest it has been for many years. The second boat made a further two bumps and the third and fourth one bump each, and there is a good chance that the success of the boat club will continue, for five of this year’s May boat will be in residence next year.

Captain J. R. Warner,
Secretary A. M. Peck.

This was a year of mixed fortune for the Boat Club. Unfortunately the First Eight found itself unable to maintain its high position in the Lents and the Mays and fell several places in both. Its performance, however, was still creditable since it was by far lightest crew in the first division and some of its members had relatively little previous rowing experience. Outside Cambridge the first boat did well. At Bedford head there was a good result despite rowing the race in a holed boat which was gradually filling up with water. Also there were visits to Reading Head and the Tideway Head, both very enjoyable and successful.

There was much promise, shown in the lower boats this year. For the first time in several years there was a Fourth Eight in the Lents, and even more encouraging was that it was largely composed of novice freshmen. Both the Second Eight and Third Eight went up (the latter gaining an overbump on the last day). In the Mays the Third Eight won their oars and the Second Eights only just missed winning theirs. The Fifth Boat also went up twice.

It seems likely that there will be a good basis for rowing in the lower boats next year, but it may well be that the standard of the first Eight will depend on the freshmen entering in the Michaelmas Term.

It was also decided that because of rising costs and the consequently increased burden on the Amalgamated Clubs Funds that an appeal should be made for funds from ex-Boat Club men to help maintain the Club. It is hoped that as many as possible will want to contribute so that the Club may maintain its present level of activities.


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