President Martin Wade
Captain of Boats Henry Bennett (email)
Senior Treasurer Dr. Jimmy Altham (jea1000)
Boatman Simon Goodbrand (sg816) (email)
Men’s Captain Charlie Smith (cams7)
Women’s Captains Nora Beck Sætre (nebs2)
Junior Treasurer Olivia Bennett (email)
Secretary George Hawkswell (email)
Coxes’ Captain Jamie Webb (jpw63)
Men’s Social Secretary Dominic Vasey (dv294)
Women’s Social Secretarit’s Lucy Cryer (lrc47) and Pippa Morris (pjm216)
Training Camp Officer  Matthew Holland (mtoh2)
Kit Officers  Harry O’Loughlin (ho293) and Anna Samuel (aais2)
Health and Safety Officer  Owain Bates (ojob2)
Communications Officer  Michael Gardiner (mg725)
Men’s LBC  Stephen Gregory (smg81)
Woman’s LBC  Elena Pope (ecmp3)
Alumni Officer Victoria Walker (vyfw2)

Previous Committees