President Martin Wade
Captain of Boats Joe Nash (jmn51) (email)
Senior Treasurer Dr. Jimmy Altham (jea1000)
Boatman Simon Goodbrand (sg816) (email)
Men’s Vice-Captain Daphne Argyropoulos (dma41)
Women’s Vice-Captains Emma Radford (er568) and Michelle Crees (malc2)
Junior Treasurer Etienne Dean (ed524) (email)
Secretary Liv Conway (oc312) (email)
Coxes’ Captain Ben Carter (bjc66)
Men’s Social Secretaries Chung Chan (ckc41), Josh Hare (jh2294) and Thaqif Aris (tab67)
Women’s Social Secretary Ellie Nanni (en362)
Training Camp Officer Mila Marcheva (mmm67)
Kit Officers Dom Vasey (dv294) and Ed O’Connor (ecmo2)
Health and Safety Officer Owain Bates (ojob2)
Communications Officer Jamie Webb (jpw63)
Men’s Lower Boats’ Captains Ben Boys(bb515) and Ethan St. Catherine (ets33)
Women’s Lower Boats’ Captains Charley Craig (acc89) and Megan Peters (mp951)
Alumni Officer Henry Bennett (hrb46)

Previous Committees