Caius Boat Club has a long & distinguished history, and we are lucky enough to have had the fortunes of the club chronicled in great detail. Click the links below to read more.

A PDF excerpt from Venn's History of the college, including the founding of the club: 1827 to 1927

1927-1930 1930-1935 1935-1940
1940-1945 1945-1950 1950-1955
1955-1960 1960-1965 1965-1970
1970-1975 1975-1980 1980-1985
1985-1990 1990-1995 1995-2000

We are also fortunate to have the first hundred years of the History of the Boat Club recorded in its own book, made available online for the first time here: The History of the Caius College Boat Club 1827-1927