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Lent races 1927

It was unfortunate that the Lents in the Centenary year of the club should have been so marred by illness, but so grave were the ravages of boils, poisoned hands, and ‘flu that on many days only three out of the five boats were able to go out. We managed, however, to fill all the boats in the races. The First Boat was at one stage of practice one of the best boats on the river, but owing to staleness they cracked each night at the Red Grind, and, though they were always well up at Grassy, they fell to Trinity Hall and LMBC. They finished eighth on the river. The Second Boat, after making one bump, had the misfortune to fall to Queens’ II, who were one of the most successful crews in the races. The Third Boat started second in the third division, but went down on the second and third nights. On the other two nights they rowed over. The Fourth Boat, which had been very unfortunate in practice, went down each night, while the fifth Boat made history by the remarkable record of “up 3,down 3” in four nights. Moreover, they were bumped twice by the same boat. On the first night they fell to the Getting-On Boat, Magdalene II. On the second night they overbumped Christ’s IV, and were again in front of Magdalene, to whom they fell on the third night for the second time. On the last night they were bumped back to their original place of last but one of river.

Lent crews, 1927

First Boat

Bow F Radcliffe 2 TP Mulcahy 3 OS Tubbs 4 MFW Richardson 5 CD Shann 6 FAG Laddiard 7 W Wilson Str AE Goosbaum Cox JE Coach GWV Pegge

Second Boat

Bow GF Cobbold 2 PW Haydon 3 NB Boarne 4 EJ Gibbons 5 TC Tapp 6 HD Pennington 7 PHH Williams Str FR Tate Cox HR Hosking Coach JP Cunningham

Third Boat

Bow RL Wilson 2 JPGE Orme 3 KE Ingoldby 4 R vd R Woolley 5 GP Pollard 6 PAG Osler 7 RV Holme Str WEF Gough Cox PH Brown Coach J Richardson

Fourth Boat

Bow GW Rossetti 2 MH Sinclair 3 EAG Cawdry 4 NGL Hammond 5 WE Coleman 6 I Brodetsky 7 EC Thompson Str EHC Darbyshire Cox KV Earle Coach N Stott

Fifth Boat

Bow AAA Evans 2 JS Gardiner 3 JB Dixon 4 A Rizo Rangabe 5 TDF Money 6 G Reavey 7 CE Shippam Str DG Chambers Cox JS Kirkman Coach CD Shann

Putney, 1927

It was decided to send a boat to Putney during the latter stages of the University Boat’s training there. After the Lents two boats were got together, and Dr Pennington kindly coached them on several days in the week. Finally, one boat was selected and under the coaching of JP Cunningham rapidly improved to such an extent as to put up a record in a lock-to-lock row just before leaving the camp. During a most enjoyable stay at Putney this crew learned valuable lessons in watermanship, and was of use to both University crews. The most memorable occasion was that on which the Caius crew was called upon to pick Oxford up after the latter had rowed one mile of their last full-course trial. Mr Harold Barker, the Oxford coach, asked us to hang on as long as we thought we were of any use. For three and a half miles Caius rowed level with Oxford, and only fell behind about 3/4 of a length in the last hundred yards. After this effort The Times called us a “more than ordinary college crew”. Again we have to thank both Dr Pennington and Dr Orme, who found time to come down and coach the crew. Those who rowed on the occasion mentioned above were: Bow OS Tubbs 2 MFW Richardson 3 W Wilson 4 HD Pennington 5 TC Tapp 6 CD Shann 7 RHH Williams Str RSR Berry Cox HR Hosking

S. K. Tubbs and J. A. Brown were again in the winning University Boat. Tubbs is to be congratulated on his successful presidency and his third successful race, and Brown on his record of coxing four successive victorious crews.

May races, 1927

The comparative failure of the Caius Boat in the Mays of 1927 must remain a mystery. Individual views differ as to the reason. Three of the members of the crew were replaced by J. A. Brown, Cox, S. K. Tubbs at 7,and G. W. V. Pegge at 6. The latter had been unable to row at Putney owing to a poisoned hand. Mr Dudley Ward again coached us. On the first night of the races we missed Kings on Ditton by inches. On the second night we rowed over, and on the third bumped Pembroke II in the Gut. On the last night we again rowed over behind Kings. The second Boat on three nights made valiant attempts to go head of the second division, but missed that bump narrowly on each occasion, and on the last night fell late to Corpus I, who had already made three bumps. The third Boat retrieved last year’s losses by making three bumps, and were unlucky not to get their oars. The Getting-on Boat again failed to get on, though they showed the right spirit, working hard and being intensely keen.

May crews, 1927

First Boat

Bow OS Tubbs 2 HD Pennington 3 W Wilson 4 CD Shann 5 TC Tapp 6 GWV Pegge 7 SK Tubbs Str RSR Berry Cox JA Brown Coach W Dudley Ward

Second Boat

Bow F Radcliffe 2 PW Haydon 3 RV Holme 4 FR Tate 5 N Stott 6 MFW Richardson 7 RHH Williams Str TP Mulcahy Cox HR Hosking Coaches GWV Pegge, EV Bevan

Third Boat

Bow FG Cobbold 2 EJ Gibbons 3 AH Taylor 4 R vd R Woolley 5 GP Pollard 6 MR Heawood 7 EC Thompson Str WEF Gough Cox RH Brown Coaches JA Brown, CD Shann

Getting-on Boat

Bow JB Dixon 2 A Rizo Rangabe 3 RL Wilson 4 DG Chambers 5 HM Sinclair 6 JPGE Orme 7 EC Shippam Str PAG Osler Cox HJ SHerran Coach J Richardson

Henley Royal Regatta, 1927

Dr Pennington kindly put the crew up at his house near Henley, and also coached us on many occasions. For his kindness and hospitality we owe him our sincerest thanks. The crew was much altered from the May Boat. S. K. Tubbs rowed for Leander, and R. S. R. Berry stood down, thus leaving two vacancies. We had far too little time to settle down in an entirely new order, and really did remarkably well in the circumstances. We drew Twickenham, and, after a bad start in which they gained nearly a length, held them at that till the end. As Twickenham were only beaten by half a length in the final of the Thames Cup by Thames II, the performance of the Caius crew seems better than one would at first think.

Henley Crew

Bow OS Tubbs 2 CD Shann 3 RHH Williams 4 GWV Pegge 5 TC Tapp 6 N Stott 7 W Wilson Str HD Pennington Cox HR Hosking GWVP

Michelmas term, 1927

The academic year was started more ambitiously than of recent years by entering a light Four, which, though not very successful, certainly justified its existence. We drew a bye in the first-round, and Selwyn in the second, being beaten by about 12 seconds after hitting the bank just short of the finish. This accident, however, made no difference to the result. The Four was rough and lacked watermanship, and was a completely innocent of rhythm, but though they coupled these faults with bad steering, they did quite well in the heat, a fact which must be put down to hard work and determined racing. Selwyn, after deat-heating with Jesus, rowed third to Third Trinity and Jesus in the final. A Clinker Four was also entered and met with quite considerable success. In the first two rounds they beat Downing and Third Trinity, and then lost to Christ’s the eventual winners, by 10 seconds in the semi-final. This Four was lively and hard-working and raced extremely well, though they did not appear fast when paddling. With a little more weight they might well have won. In the Colquhoun Sculls, O. S. Tubbs, after winning a close race in the first-round was beaten in the second by Brocklebank of Third Trinity. Tubbs had unfortunately overworked himself and was much slower in the races than a week before. He should keep up his sculling as he might go much further next year. The college “crock” Eights produces two exceedingly good races in both senior and junior races the first two boats were separated by less than a second. “E” boat had the misfortune to catch crabs in more than ordinary quantities, even for that time of the year. “A” boat which won the senior race, is to be congratulated, as during practice, “B” boat had consistently returned the faster times. CD Sharon, TC Tapp and RG Michell rowed in the University trial eights for the lock-to-lock. Michell, however, was the only one to survive it and is to be congratulated on gaining his trial cap in his first term, and on his appearance in the ‘Varsity Boat for several days at the beginning of this term.

Michaelmas crews, 1927

Light Four

Bow RG Michell (steers) 2 CD Shann 3 TC Tapp Str HD Pennington Coach S Wynne Thomas (Emm.)

Clinker Four

Bow TP Mulcahy 2 CI Wylde 3 RDH Jones Str PW Haydon Cox KW Monks

“A” Boat

Winners of Senior “Crocks” Bow AAA Evans 2 PAG Osler 3 CE Shippam 4 JPGE Orme 5 M Lloyd 6 EAG Liddiard 7 EC Thompson Str WEF Gough Cox NC Pearson Coach OS Tubbs

“C” Boat

Winners of Junior “Crocks” Bow WS McKenzie 2 ES Mosley 3 WB Lewis 4 RH Brown 5 RSD Spitta 6 A Rizo-Rangabe 7 C Graham Str FD Hammond Cox CE Nurse Coach F Radcliffe GWVP

May term, 1928

The Boat Club was much more successful in the Mays of 1928 than it had been of recent years, in that the First Boat gained three places and was unlucky not to gain a fourth. The prospective first crew came up early and was coached by D. A. Bickmore; the crew was later taken over by N. M. Aldous of Selwyn, the work being finished by Dr Showell-Rogers, who very kindly came up from town each day. On the first three nights, we bumped Queens’ I, King’s I and Jesus II respectively, each bump being secured on or before Ditton corner. On the fourth night, Trinity Hall I, who were in front of us, bumped Selwyn I on First Post Corner, thus robbing us of our prey. The Second Boat, which started third in the second division, fell to Clare I on the first night and St. Catharine’s I on the second; they rowed over on the third day and made a very valiant attempt to catch Corpus I, getting within half a length on the last night without succeeding in making their bump. The third Boat rowed over on the first two nights, but were bumped on the third by Clare II, who had already gone up three places; on the fourth night they accomplished the very unusual feat of a “rebump”, hitting Clare to the Railings. There were insufficient members of the club to form a getting-on Boat, but a very energetic Clinker Four went out everyday.

May crews, 1928

First Crew

Bow RG Michell 11 2 2 RV Holme 10 13 3 OS Tubbs 11 6 4 HD Pennington 12 5 5 TC Tapp 13 4 6 CD Shann 12 9 7 W Wilson 12 2 Str JJA Embleton 12 2 Cox NC Pearson 9 3

Second Crew

Bow CE Shippam 10 5 2 PW Haydon 10 7 3 EC Thompson 11 6 4 CI Wylde 11 12 5 RHH Williams 12 11 6 AE Goodman 11 0 7 F Radcliffe 10 4 Str EJ Gibbons 10 13 Cox RH Brown 9 13

Third Crew

Bow GF Cobbold 9 10 2 JPGE Orme 11 11 3 JG Philcox 11 5 4 OH Grazebrook 11 9 5 C Graham 11 4 6 CH Tilley 12 4 7 PAG Osler 11 9 Str WEF Gough 11 3 Cox CE Nurse 9 10

Henley Royal Regatta, 1928

This year we decided to take the First May Boat, without any alterations in the order, down to Henley. In order to gain experience in level racing on the Thames, we raced at Marlow regatta, a fortnight before Henley. Here we drew Trinity College Dublin and Westminster Bank in the first-round and were beaten by the latter by quarter length, Dublin being left several lengths behind. On returning to Henley, after considerable discussion, it was decided to enter the Thames Cup rather than the Ladies Plate, chiefly because our coach was rowing in the latter. We drew Westminster Bank again in the first-round and led them up to Fawley, having 3/4 of a length at the barrier; at Remenham, they overtook us, being 3/4 of a length up at the beginning of the enclosures, but by a final spurt we reduced their lead to eight feet at the finish. After this, Westminster Bank won their way through to the Saturday’s racing. H. D. P.

Lent Term, 1929.

Caius was among the most successful colleges in the Lent races of 1929, gaining nine places with four boats. The First Boat, ably coached by J. A. F. Beale of First Trinity, was unlucky to start behind such a fast boat as Trinity Hall I who robbed them by catching LMBC I on the first night: however, they scored bumps on the three subsequent nights by catching LMBC I, Christ’s I and Jesus II in that order. The bump on the last night was all the more creditable in that R. D. H. Jones, who had not previously rowed during the term took CE Shippam’s place, the latter having succumb to ‘flu. The second Boat, who had been very ragged before the Frost, pulled themselves together after it and became a very hard-working Crew: they went up on the first three nights, bumping Jesus III, Sydney I and First Trinity III, but were unfortunately not fast enough to catch Peterhouse I, and so just failed to win their oars. The third Boat started in the most unenviable position of head of the third division, with the prospect of having to row twice a day. On the first night they were bumped by Clare to who went on to bump Pembroke III at the bottom of the second division: on the second night they bumped Pembroke III and rowed over bottom of the second division behind Clare II: on the third night they rowed over head of the third division; at the bottom of the second division they overlapped Madgalene I and then got held up; in the subsequent rerow next morning they hit Magdalene at Ditton; on Saturday they got caught by Fitzwilliam House I who had previously caught Madgalene, thus bringing them to the position in which they had started, viz. Head of the third division. The Fourth Boat did very well indeed, going up the last three nights by catching Jesus IV, and LMBC IV and St. Catharine’s II, and would undoubtedly have won their oars if there had not been a bump in front of them on the first night. The fifth Boat, which was left bottom of the river at the end of the previous year, got bumped-off by the winner of the getting on races – Fitzwilliam House II.

Lent crews, 1929

First Crew

Bow F Radcliffe 10 6 2 WEF Gough 11 3 3 C Graham 11 8 4 CI Wylde 12 0 5 RHH Williams 12 10 6 FD Hammond 12 6 7 CE Shippam 11 0 Str EJ Gibbons 11 1 Cox RP Davidson 8 12

Second Crew

Bow PG Philcox 11 5 2 GH Quiggan 11 10 3 RN Traquair 10 7 4 CH Tilley 12 6 5 R vd R Wooley 11 11 6 OH Grazebrook 11 6 7 M Lloyd 12 10 Str PW Haydon 10 5 Cox IES Edwards 8 7

Third Crew

Bow EGK Williams 10 0 2 WTC Berry 11 4 3 HT Holman 11 0 4 GW Rossetti 11 12 5 CE Nurse 10 3 6 JC Whitfield 10 9 7 AAA Evans 11 3 Str. RH Brown 10 12 Cox J Curtis 9 8

Fourth Crew

Bow DB Pratt 10 0 2 JM Fleming 10 4 3 GE Walker 10 6 4 R A O’Conner 9 10 5 DWI Piggott 10 11 6 CB Anderson 13 0 7 DHP Marten 10 3 Str. MK Martyn 12 5 Cox RA Vreede 9 7

Fifth Crew

Bow JB Dixon 10 1 2 CAM Peaty 10 9 3 BS Jones 10 8 4 FJ Pedler 12 2 5 HA Wallace 12 4 6 AC Seligman 10 0 7 WG Mills 10 8 Str. ER Mosley 11 0 Cox AF Stallard 7 13 OST

May Term, 1930

This year’s Mays were rather like the curate’s egg. Three bumps among 3 boats is not exactly a score to enthuse about, nevertheless the racing was a great deal better than the score suggests. A disadvantage peculiar to rowing is that one year’s success conduces to a subsequent year’s failure, and in this respect it may be said that the second and third Boats were paying for their previous successes by an abnormally high position on the river. Indeed the third Boat was and still is the highest third Boat on the river. The one disappointment was the First Boat, which, despite a great deal practice at Henley and elsewhere before term, and with some excellent coaching by Dr Pennington, Captain Willis and Dr Showell-Rogers, never quite came up to expectations. The getting on the Boat which contained some good material was beaten in the final by St. Catharine’s after a plucky fight. The racing (Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 June 1930) On the first night the third Boat was bumped by Clare in the Gut, the second Boat rowed over and the First caught Queens’ in fine style just round Ditton. On the second night the third Boat went down at the Ditch to Lady Margaret II who were quite the fastest boat in the division. The second went up fast on Downing and bumped them at First Post, being notably assisted by the Downing Cox, who did his best to pile them up on the bank. The First Boat had an exciting time, being chased hell for leather by Queens as far as Ditton, where the latter succumbed just in time to Pembroke II. On Friday the third Boat went down to Queens II in the Gut, while the second Boat caught Christ’s II at the Pike and Eel, the latter catching a crab on the Post. Not content with this piece of good fortune they proceeded to row on until nothing was left of the prey but a mass of floating wreckage. The First Boat went down to Pembroke II at the railings after a good fight against the inevitable. On the last night the third Boat went down to Selwyn II at the Ditch, the latter registering their fourth bump. The second Boat was clearly in for a hot time from Christ’s, and when one member of the crew caught a crab at the start things began to look exciting. However, a good piece of stroking, well backed up, just enabled them to scramble over the line half-a-length behind Trinity Hall II. The First Boat made a good effort to catch Pembroke II at the start, but the latter went well away and they were left with the task of rowing over in front of Jesus II. At the Glass Houses the latter were nearly their full distance behind, but soon after began to creep up. Just after the bridge they put on a phenomenal spurt and caught us within 50 yards of the Post, continuing to row on until they had successfully demolished our boat. Although these results did not warrant us sending a boat Henley, nevertheless the experienced to be gained there is too valuable to be missed and we hope to be represented there next year.

May crews, 1927

First Crew

Bow RN Tranquair 2 WTC Berry 3 JG Webb 4 JD Pennington 5 HD Pennington 6 FD Hammond 7 RG Michell Str. RV Holme Cox NC Pearson

Second Crew

Bow EGK Williams 2 HA Wallace 3 JI Berry 4 GH Quiggin 5 EC Russell 6 CH Tilley 7 PG Philcox Str. CB Anderson Cox AF Stallard

Third Crew

Bow JH Weston 2 JS Clarke 3 DG Guest 4 FG Coates 5 CW McConnel 6 JG Murray 7 WB Lewis Str. G Dunn Cox WH Coward

Fourth Crew

Bow DB Pratt 2 BS Jones 3 GW Powell 4 MK Martyn 5 L Lloyd 6 FES Hatfield 7 DWI Piggott Str. WM Catchpole Cox DVM Quiggin


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