Captain’s Word Michaelmas 2023

Captain's Word

First, an introduction, I am Jack Campbell, the new Captain of Boats, taking over from the fantastic work of Emma Radford last year and her many successes, I am a third year reading History and Philosophy of Science. I wanted to update you on the successful start that CBC has had to our 2023-24 season, and bring the news and plans for the rest of this exciting year. 

The Season so far 

With novice season kicking off each exciting season at CBC, this year was no different, with a fantastic group of keen (and fast) novices joining our ranks this term. Throughout a tough field of novice crews during the term, with successes such as both NW1 and NW2 taking 3rd in Qergs, the novices excelled in a tricky term full of yellow flags and restricted rowing. This culminated in Fairbairns, where all novice crews ranked within the top ten of their divisions. 

In the Senior squad work was steady within the men’s side, building from close defeat by the ultimate victors at University IVs for the first boat, an unfortunate 3rd place at Winter Head, and a successful 2nd place for the M2 4+ within their division at Winter head, culminating in a clean sweep for the Caius Men at Fairbairns, with M1 setting the fastest time of the day outright, and M2 beating many college M1s to take an assured win in the M2 division. 

The Senior squad the work was steady with both sides, with the men building from an unfortunate 3rd place at Winter head to take a clean sweep at Fairbairn’s, with M1 setting the fastest time of the day outright, and M2 beating many college M1s to take an assured win in the M2 division. The women’s side had a successful term at the top of a very competitive field of college crews, with highlights such as Winter Head, which saw W1 only 3 seconds off 2nd, culminating in Fairbairn’s where both W1 and W2 took 6th place less than a second to 5th


We continue the strong tradition of Caius trialists, on both sides of the Light/Dark Blue divide. For oarswomen we have Carys Earl (a Caius novice), Lucy Havard, Charley Craig, and Margaux Riley all trialing. On the men’s side oarsmen Cameron Mackenzie, Will Wauchope, Jamie Maxen, Matt Francis (three of whom noviced at Caius), are flying the Caius flag at CUBC. Charlotte Heeley, a Caius cox, rounds out the Caians representing light blue, while both Ellie Nanni and Tara Slade are trialing for the Oxford crews as coxes. We wish them all the absolute best in the run up to their races, and indeed throughout the trialing process itself, I know it makes the whole club excited and proud to see their progress. 

Keeping in touch 

Having a fantastic group of alumni is something that we truly feel is something special about CBC, and we love seeing being part of this. Events this year largely focus around the Pembroke Regatta on the 17th February, with a dinner for racers and alumni alike afterwards, and our end of year BCD, after Mays, with the exact dates to be confirmed by CUCBC. If you would like to get involved in Pembroke regatta, as a racer or for dinner, then please get in touch with Natasha, our alumni officer, at If you have any questions, would like to get involved in the club in any way, such as bank partying or even taking a boat out as a fantastic composite alumni crew did earlier this term, or simply have an old story, we love hearing from you, so please do get in touch with myself, the men’s or women’s captains at: , and 

Looking Forward 

Looking towards next term, we start with an on Cam training camp, bringing the novices into the exciting and speedy ranks of the Senior crews, and look towards on Cam races such as Newnham Head, Pembroke Regatta, and ultimately Lent Bumps, with M1 in a privileged position of looking towards headship. We are also hoping to race at HoRR and WeHoRR as the close of the Lent season. 

Thank You 

My personal thanks go out to everyone who has been involved in the smooth running of the club so far this year, with Maša Amatt taking on the role of interim Senior Treasurer amazingly, with constant support for us all; George Budden, our President and the advisory committee who have been amazingly generous with wise words and experience; Simon Goodbrand who has continued to serve as our boatman with possibly more patience than we deserve; and last but not least to the committee and Captains who have been working tirelessly to keep the fantastic club running as it has been, with a tough legacy to live up to they have excelled. 

I hope you have had a restful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope to see some of you over the next few months as we look towards exciting things on the Cam. 

Jack Campbell 
Captain of Boats, CBC 2023-24 


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