Caius are fortunate to have the best selection of eights of any Cambridge club, thanks mainly to generous benefactors.

The Caius 1st Eight rows the Jack McDonald, a 2010 wing-rigged empacher, a generous donation from the club's president Martin Wade.
The Caius 2nd Eight row the wing-rigged Vespoli Eight pictured below, called the John Barabino.

The men's side also has a new Janousek VIII, the Tony Baker, named after our long-serving Caian hero/boatman, as well as two other eights, fours, pairs and sculls.

The Caius Women's 1st Eight rows a wing-rigged Vespoli, the Maggie Burgess, and the 2nd Eight rows in a regular Vespoli, the Sally Clarke Lowes. The women's side also have the use of a range of smaller boats including the new Anne Lyon, a 2010 Empacher IV.

M2 in May Term in the John Barabino