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Race results & reports

Autumn Head - Race Report

On Saturday, Autumn Head was our first opportunity this year to put the crews through their paces in a racing scenario. M2 started the day off in Division 3 with a solid piece with a lot of effort and focus. The rate stayed naturally high throughout and the second half showed a lot of fight that built on the big start through the corners.
M1 followed on with their own race an hour and a half later. Leading off the Division, they started smoothly with a big start into First Post. The corners were a little iffy but the launches out were committed and got the boat back up to speed. The headwind hit round Ditton corner and although the effort was there the technique inevitably suffered. The rate stayed high and the drive for the finish was executed as planned.
M1 were able to hold of Kings by a narrow margin to win the College 1st VIIIs division and M2 were faster than the only other M2 to enter. A good start, but a lot more to come.
- Chris Halls, Men's Captain

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Race results & reports

Caius M1 win Reading Amateur Regatta IM1 & Senior!

Caius M1 went to Reading Amateur Regatta, a 1500m, staggered-start, side-by-side 1v1 elimination regatta. They doubled up, entering both IM1 and Senior VIII+s and in gusty conditions came away with both wins. Caius M1 posted the 5 fastest winning times of the day, and are grateful for the chance to race against some excellent crews from Radley, Latymer, Cantabrigian, London, and Worcester.

A picture of the winning crew
The winning crew - Caius Mays M1, 2013

We're now looking forward to bumps, which start on Wednesday, and to Henley and the Temple after that! Please get in touch if you're interested in where Caius Boat Club will be based for either event!

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Race results & reports

Caius W1 win Champs Head 2013

W1 successfully were the fastest women's boat in Champs Eights, winning the competition with a time of 5:34 and beating several M2s in the process. This is a particularly proud win for the crew, for it was their first ever outing all together. The crew, stroked by the efficient Claire Oakley, set up a powerful rhythm that saw them finish 4 seconds faster than the headship crew Downing W1. Their massive trophy is incredibly well deserved - bring on Mays!

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Race results & reports

Caius M1 win Robinson Head - Lent 2013

Caius M1 win Robinson Head with a time of 4:42, 22s quicker than 2nd place LMBC! Boom. Bring on Pembroke Regatta!

Full Results:

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Race results & reports

Mid-Lent Race Recap

City of Cambridge's Winter Head to Head, 26th Jan 2013:

Caius M1 win City of Cambridge Rowing Club's Winter Head to Head with the fastest time of the day at 12:56! W1 place 5th with a time of 16:31, boding well for a crew currently placed 8th on the Lents charts.
M2 placed a very convincing 2nd place of all college M2s at 14:13, and M3 came 2nd of all M3s at 16:13.

Newnham Short Course, 2nd Feb 2013:
Despite two very last minute subs, W1 still finished in a convincing 2nd place with a time of 8:23. Another good result giving the girls a little more confidence for the forthcoming bumps. Caius M2 place 2nd of all M2 crews with a time of 7:29, a promising result. Caius M3 win their division in a time of 7:56 - good work! M1 were entered into the canceled Head of the Nene on the same day, and so they didn't have an opportunity to race and instead enjoyed some excellent sparring with Cantabs.

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Race results & reports

May Bumps - Recap

Bumps recap - M1 retain the headship, W1 go up two. M2 stay level, while W2 earn their blades by going up four, bumping into the next division! M3 down one, and M4 down four.

Huge thanks to all our supporters throughout the year, and special mention to our president, Martin Wade, our senior treasurer, Jimmy Altham, and our boatman, Simon Goodbrand, for all they've done this year. And, of course, to our coaches, whose work has made this campaign possible - thanks!

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Race results & reports

99s Regatta Report

99s regatta: W1 win Women's Division A, beating Emmanuel in the final by 1 length. Well done, girls! Our M2, whose crew has been relatively unsettled, was knocked out in the semifinal by eventual winners Selywn M1 - excellent racing from W1 and M2.

We're now looking forward to the highlight of this term and of the year, May Bumps, which begins on June 13th. If you're interested in visiting our tent on the days and aren't sure where to find us, please do get in touch and we'll let you know!

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Race results & reports

Champs Head Race Report

Champs Head: M1 win their division with the fastest time of the day, and, as a bonus, take the prize for the most impressive men's start! Rowing well into variable conditions with a cross-headwind down the course, we're looking forward to the rest of the term. We're honoured to be the first crew to receive the John Stewart trophy in memory of John Stewart, a rower at Champion of the Thames.

On the women's side, a relatively light W1 fared worse than other crews did into the gusty headwind, 8th in their division, and hope to improve after an unsettled period. W2 came out 5th in their division and are pleased to be making progress. Four weeks to the Mays - bring them on!

M2 were the 3rd fastest M2 and are glad to be right back in the mix. M3 raced for the first time as their crew and had some positives to take from the commitment in the row.

Full results on Champs' website:

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Race results & reports

Lent Bumps, WeHoRR

First things first: M1 retain the headship. Downing put up an almighty fight on the final day, and a raging headwind on the long reach changed the character of the race. Eventually Caius pulled away after a long and gruelling fight.

Meanwhile W1 performed admirably to rise 2 places, and perhaps could have gone further if the draw had been kinder to them. The girls have progressed enormously this term and look a fantastic crew. They exemplified this by travelling to London on the Saturday and placing in the top 100 at WeHoRR, top Cambridge college.

M2 ended the week level, not acquiring quite the result they had hoped for. After such a strong showing at Pembroke Regatta and Fairbairns, the boys will hope to make better progress up the charts in Mays.

W2 also stayed level, and recorded their first bump in several years! The girls also acquitted themselves well on the tricky tideway course.

M3 showed typical Caius class, rowing with great devotion and enthusiasm. To come home with foliage on the final day, despite having two last minute subs in for injury, shows that there will always be a spare oar or two around the college willing to muck in for the CBC. A great effort!

The Boat Club Dinner was it's usual exuberant self, with much well deserved back-patting and the award of another set of 9 university medals, as well as some delightful prose by our eloquent treasurer Jimmy Altham, the first eight having carried his name on their oars this week.

All in all, a fantastic week for the CBC.

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Race results & reports

Pembroke Regatta 2012

Caius Win Pembroke Regatta in W1, M1 and M2

Further cementing the Caius Men's Squad's reputation at the top of Cambridge college rowing, the men won the M1 and M2 divisions of Pembroke regatta in a string of side by side wins that the Cambridge tab described as "unsurprising" and "predictable".

M1 beat Clare, in the only easily verdict of the day in M1, to be challenged by an exceptionally fast Girton crew in the second round. Despite Caius gaining strongly off the start the Girton boys held on, driving into the second half of the race with admirable gusto and a powerful leg drive, refusing absolutely the possibility of giving up and slacking off, as losing crews often do in college rowing. The margin records them as the second fastest crew of the day: a fact I believe will be confirmed in the bumps. Our best row of the day then saw us take the much hyped crew from LMBC by a decent margin. In the final, Downing came off second best, the race going down in similar fashion to the previous year.

M2 saw their way through their division relatively unstressed, and perhaps would have been better placed in the M1 division, this would however have reduced their chances of gaining the coveted Pembroke Tankards.

The biggest story of the day was the continued success of the Caius women, whose new coaching and training has seen them rise to the top of Cambridge women's rowing with remarkable speed. Not only did the men beat Downing today, but so did the Women: a truly phenomenal result. The women went on to win the final in a hard and close fought race against Christs. Big things are now expected of the girls, especially considering their start position in Lents: 10th!

The whole club waits with anticipation for the Lent Bumps!


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