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Captain's Word - November 2014

Itís a huge pleasure to be taking over the helm from Sam Lloyd as Caiusí Captain of Boats for this coming year. Iím not at all intimidated by not having a boathouse for this season Ė if anything, I look forward to keeping Caius the most formidable club on the Cam, boathouse or not. I came to Cambridge in October of 2012, and had the opportunity to travel to Basel with M1 to race the famous Basel Head. It was a tremendously fun experience. I chose to pursue CUWBC for that year, claiming the lightweight cox role for the 2013 boat race, and becoming close friends with many Caians in the program. I decided that 2013-2014 would be the year that I dedicated my time to Caius, where I coxed M1 periodically, spent much time coaching W1 (specifically in the Lents term) and went up three slots coxing W1 in the Mays. My biggest goal for this coming year is to continue the success of both the women and men's senior squads, and importantly, to build a very strong novice intake.

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Caians in Blue Boats!

Cambridge University Women's Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club announced their blue boats today for the races against Oxford.

Congratulations to Caians Melissa Wilson, who will be sitting at 6 in the CUW BB, and Ivo Dawkins, who will be sitting at 3 in the CUBC BB! It's a huge achievement from them and we're looking forward to cheering them on come March 30th and April 6th. This will be Melissa's second boat race and Ivo's first.

What's particularly impressive is that both of them learned to row here at CBC - Melissa noviced in 2011 and Ivo noviced last year!

Stay tuned for the official announcements of (quite a few other) Caians in the lightweight and reserve boats! GTM.

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New Captain's Word

This year's Boat Club Captain, Sam Lloyd, has just posted a new Captain's Word - read it here!


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May Bumps 2013!

Caius Boat Club is competing in May Bumps this year! Come support Caius crews who'll be racing from Wednesday 12th - Saturday 15th! Facebook event

Full start times:
Full division orders:

There will be a tent set up on Caius Meadows on Saturday for alumni, parents, current students, and anyone else who'd like to drink some Pimms and support Caius crews throughout the day - directions from Caius.

The weather looks pretty sweet for most of this week - it's a great feeling to race around Ditton corner and hear the roar of support from Caians on the bank, so we hope to see you there!

If you can't make it, you can always listen in on the commentary available from CamFM:

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Nottingham City Regatta

Caius M1 post the quickest time of the day at Nottingham City Regatta over the weekend, winning IM2 with a time that would have won both IM1 and Elite VIII+s. An exciting final saw close racing between M1 and Royal Shrewsbury and M1 gained some excellent racing experience.

Bring on the Mays! Crew lists coming out soon.

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CBC Elections 2013

Caius Boat Club is proud to announce that Sam Lloyd will be Captain of the Boats next year. Sam learned to row at Caius and has been rowing in M1 since Mays 2011, his first year. He will be taking over during an exciting time for Caius Boat Club, and he'll be ably assisted by Sam Fawcett, the new Men's Vice-Captain, Callum Picken, the new Women's Vice-Captain, and Tina Zhao, the new Junior Treasurer.

Congratulations to the new committee!

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End-Of-Lent Captain's Word

CBC Captain Gordon Beck has posted a new Captain's Word - check it out here:

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New Captain's Word - Mid-Lent 2013

Caius Boat Club Captain Gordon Beck has posted a new Captain's Word - check it out here.

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New Captain's Word - Lent 2013

Captain Gordon Beck has written a new Captain's Word - see it here.

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Fairbairns Preview!

Good luck to all crews racing in Fairbairns tomorrow and on Friday! Results will be published here and on our Facebook page - stay tuned! Edit: Results are now available here - - congratulations in particular to Caius W1's IV+, which won its division!

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