Autumn Head - Race Report

Posted on Tuesday 22 October 2013, 17:39 by Jon Dean

On Saturday, Autumn Head was our first opportunity this year to put the crews through their paces in a racing scenario. M2 started the day off in Division 3 with a solid piece with a lot of effort and focus. The rate stayed naturally high throughout and the second half showed a lot of fight that built on the big start through the corners.
M1 followed on with their own race an hour and a half later. Leading off the Division, they started smoothly with a big start into First Post. The corners were a little iffy but the launches out were committed and got the boat back up to speed. The headwind hit round Ditton corner and although the effort was there the technique inevitably suffered. The rate stayed high and the drive for the finish was executed as planned.
M1 were able to hold of Kings by a narrow margin to win the College 1st VIIIs division and M2 were faster than the only other M2 to enter. A good start, but a lot more to come.
- Chris Halls, Men's Captain

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