May Bumps 2013!

Posted on Tuesday 11 June 2013, 13:27 by Admin

Caius Boat Club is competing in May Bumps this year! Come support Caius crews who'll be racing from Wednesday 12th - Saturday 15th! Facebook event

Full start times:
Full division orders:

There will be a tent set up on Caius Meadows on Saturday for alumni, parents, current students, and anyone else who'd like to drink some Pimms and support Caius crews throughout the day - directions from Caius.

The weather looks pretty sweet for most of this week - it's a great feeling to race around Ditton corner and hear the roar of support from Caians on the bank, so we hope to see you there!

If you can't make it, you can always listen in on the commentary available from CamFM:

Caius M1 are head of the river and will be defending that headship at 7:45PM W-F and 5:45PM on Saturday. They've been on dominant form all term and it'll be worth watching! Caius W1 are 8th on the river and likely to bump up - they're racing at 7PM W-F and 5PM on Saturday, and would love your support on the bank!

Caius M2 are in the middle of the pack at 8th in the M2 division and will be racing at 6:15PM W-F and 4:15PM on Saturday. They've got a tough first day ahead of them and any cheering you can give them will help!

Caius W2 bumped up into the W2 division last Mays and are looking to solidify that position. They're racing at 5:30PM W-F and 3:30PM on Saturday.

Caius M3 is looking to be a pretty solid crew and are aiming to bump up into the M3 division. They're starting 2nd in the M4 division, which races at 3:15PM W-F and 1:15PM on Saturday.

Caius M4 are 15th in the M5 division and are looking to reverse last year's slide - they're racing at 1:45PM W-F and 11:45AM on Saturday.

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